Construction Finance

The property market is an evolving beast and is driven by cycles.

As a result, a developer needs to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to accessing the appropriate funding lines for their project. Rapidly changing marketplace conditions can have a dramatic effect on lender requirements and in turn can have a significant impact on the underlying profit margins and returns for the developer.

Whether it’s a change in equity levels, leverage available, pre-sale conditions or general risk appetite, it makes commercial sense to engage with an originator who commands the wider market knowledge of senior debt, mezzanine funding and preference equity.

Key Metrics:

A lender will require comfort concerning perceived credit risks prior to issuing an approval for finance, these include (not limited to):

  • Sponsor track record
  • Sponsor delivery of similar size and scale
  • Asset location and product type
  • Supply pipeline and demand
  • Sponsor equity contribution
  • Feasibility and funding table
  • Profit margin level
  • Pre-sale Debt coverage level
  • Project Specialists

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